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  • What does your handwriting look like?
    Here are samples of our work. We offer three handwriting options: script, block and print. Script: Block: Print:
  • Does your service include stationery?
    We love stationery and are happy to provide a selection for you to choose from based on your style preferences and budget. The cost of your selection is simply added to your invoice. Alternatively, if you have your own personalized stationery, we are happy to use that as well.
  • What about postage?
    Our service includes mailing out thank you notes. We will purchase stamps for you at the standard postage rate. The cost of stamps is then included in your invoice. For a more personal touch, we love designing custom postage for our clients. The cost for personalized postage averages $25 for 20 stamps. If this is something you are interested in, we will work with you to design the perfect stamp for your thank you notes. If you already have stamps that you would like to use or would like to design your own stamps, we ask that you have these sent to us to use with your thank you notes.
  • How do I get my addresses to you?
    We will send you a detailed spreadsheet that incorporates all of the relevant details needed to complete your thank you notes. If you have your own list or spreadsheet in place simply send it to us.
  • How personalized are the notes?
    We understand that everyone is different. Some people are happy with generic thank you messages and others want to send an extremely personalized note. If you prefer thank you notes with more detail, we ask that you include a few specific details about the recipient in the list you provide. For example, if you went to grade school with someone, let us know and we will work it into the note! With the details you provide, we then craft a beautiful, personalized notes and send them to you via a Word document for approval.
  • When and how do I pay you?
    Payment is required before any of your notes are mailed out. We will contact you once all of your notes have been completed and, at that time, you will be sent an itemized invoice. We accept Chase Quickpay and Venmo.
  • Do you offer gift cards?
    Yes! Contact us directly at to purchase.
  • What happens if I want the thank you notes to be mailed from my zip code?
    Not a problem! We're happy to send you your completed thank you notes so all you'll have to do upon receipt is drop them in the mail!

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